2015年中考真题精品解析 英语(福建厦门卷)(解析版)

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2015年中考真题精品解析 英语(福建厦门卷)(解析版)

‎(满分:150分 考试时间:120分钟)‎ ‎(一)听力测试(30分)‎ I.Listen and choose the right pictures B .Listen to some short dialogues and choose the right answers to the questions you hear.‎ ‎ (听简短对话,然后挑选最佳答案回答所听到的问题。听两遍)‎ ‎5. A. Eric. B. Brown. C. Zhang.‎ ‎6. A. Chocolate cookies. B. Lemon pies. C. Strawberry cakes.[来源:学,科,网]‎ ‎7. A. Classmates. B. Mother and son. C. Teacher and student.‎ ‎8. A. Very interesting. B. Quite simple. C. Too boring.‎ ‎9. A. Problem and advice. B. Personal information. C. School life.‎ ‎10. A. Martin Luther King. B. Thomas Edison. C. Mother Teresa.‎ III. Listen to a long dialogue and a passage,then choose the right answers to questions I1-16.‎ ‎ (听一篇较长对话和一篇短文,然后选择正确答案作答11一16小题。听两遍)‎ Text A ‎11.The man would probably be a ·‎ ‎ A. teacher B. reporter C. policeman ‎12. The lady's T-shirt was .‎ ‎ A. black B. brown C. red ‎13.The man collects the lady's information because he wants to her.[来源:]‎ ‎ A. interview B. catch C. praise Text B ‎14. Steve worked in a ‎ ‎ A. hotel B. cinema C. restaurant ‎15.Many people asked Steve about the every day.‎ ‎ A. way B. city C. time ‎16. Steve put up a on the wall.‎ ‎ A. minor B. clock C. picture ‎ 注意:请将该题的答案书写在答题卡的第二部分 IV. Listen to a passage,then fill in the blanks with the right words.‎ ‎ (听一篇短文,用恰当的单词填空完成62-65小题,每空一词。听三遍)‎ ‎ (二)基础知识与运用 (每小题1.5分,共30分) ‎ V.选择填空:从A、B、C中,选出一个最佳答案完成句子 ‎17.-- Could you please tell me how to pronounce the word k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e?‎ ‎-- Yes, It’s ____.‎ A. [ˈnɒlɪdʒ] B. [ˈnəʊlɪdʒ] C. [nɒlɪdʒ]‎ ‎【答案】A ‎【解析】‎ ‎【考点定位】 考查单词的发音辨析。‎ ‎18.-- Jenny, how nice the skirt looks on you!‎ ‎-- ____.‎ A. Well, not good enough B. I bought it yesterday C. Thanks a lot.‎ ‎【答案】C ‎【考点定位】 考查交际用语。‎ ‎19.Jeff will come to understand you one day. It’s a matter of ____ .‎ A. pleasure B. value C. time ‎【答案】C ‎【考点定位】 考查名词辨析。‎ ‎20. -- Lily, what kind of museums do you like?‎ ‎-- I like museums ____ can provide visitors with free WiFi.‎ A. what B. that C. who ‎【答案】B 事物,用that、which作为关系词。本题中先行词museums指事物,关系词用that、which。故选B。‎ ‎【考点定位】 考查定语从句。‎ ‎21. -- Welcome to Dream Music Club. Can you play the violin or the piano?‎ ‎-- ____. But I can play the guitar.[来源:Z#xx#k.Com]‎ A. Either B. Both C. Neither ‎【答案】C ‎【考点定位】 考查不定代词辨析。‎ ‎22. Many volunteers will help to ____ the city parks next Friday.‎ A. give up B. pick up C. clean up ‎ ‎【答案】C ‎【考点定位】 考查动词短语辨析。‎ ‎23.-- ____ do you play chess?‎ ‎-- I play at least twice a week.‎ A. How much B. How often C. How long ‎【答案】B ‎【考点定位】 考查疑问词辨析。‎ ‎24.-- What will happen ____ we hold the party next Monday evening?‎ ‎-- Most of our classmates will not come.‎ A. if B. though C. since ‎【答案】A ‎【考点定位】 考查连词辨析。‎ ‎25. In English, we say that sharing a problem is like cutting it ____.‎ A. into half B. in half C. by half ‎【答案】B[来源:]‎ ‎【考点定位】 考查介词短语辨析。‎ ‎26.To our surprise, the walls of the new bookstore ____books.‎ A. are lined with B. is lined with C. have lined with ‎【答案】A ‎【考点定位】 考查被动语态。‎ ‎27.How beautiful Catherine sings! I have never heard a ____ voice.‎ A. good B. better C. best ‎【答案】B ‎【解析】‎ ‎【考点定位】 考查形容词的比较等级。‎ ‎28. -- Look! Someone ____ the icebox back to the corner.‎ ‎-- Well, it wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.‎ A. has moved B. is moving C. was moving ‎【答案】A ‎【考点定位】 考查动词的时态辨析。‎ VII.完形填空: 从A, B, C中,选出一个最佳答案使短文意思完整 Henry was a kind, good boy. His father was dead, and his mother was very poor. He had a little sister about two years old. He wanted to __29__ his mother, for she could not always make enough money to buy food for her little __30__.‎ One day, a man gave him a dollar for __31__ a wallet which he had lost. Henry might have kept all the money, for no one saw him when he found it. __32__ his mother had taught him to be honest, and never keep what did not belong to him.‎ With the dollar he bought a box, three brushes and some blacking. He __33__ went to the corner of the street and said to every one whose boots(靴子) did not look nice, “__34__ your boots, sir, please?” He was so polite that gentleman soon began to notice him, and to let him black their boots. The first day he brought home fifty cents, which he gave to his mother to buy food with.‎ When he gave her the money, she said, as she dropped a tear(泪水) of __35__, “You are a dear, good boy, Henry. I did not know how I could make enough money to buy bread with, but now I think we can manage to __36__ quite well. ”‎ Henry worked all the day, and went to school in the evening. He made almost enough money to support his mother and his little sister.‎ ‎29.A. save B. help C. leave ‎30.A. family B. man C. sister ‎31.A. buying B. finding C. hiding ‎32.A. But B. So C. For ‎33.A. still B. even C. then ‎34.A. Empty B. Black C. Dry ‎35. A. fear B. regret C. joy ‎36.A. dress up B. eat out C. get along ‎【答案】‎ ‎29.B ‎30.A ‎31.B ‎32.A ‎33.C ‎34.B ‎35.C ‎36.C ‎【考点定位】 考查故事类短文阅读。‎ ‎ (三)阅读理解 (每小题2 分,共50分)‎ VII.阅读下面五篇文章,根据文章的内容选择最佳答案作答37-61小题。‎ A Two men were going through a forest.‎ ‎ “I am afraid,” said one, “that we may meet with wild animals” “Fear nothing, friend Quickwit,” cried the other, whose name was Braggart. “If they come at us, we shall stand by one another like men. I have a strong arm, a strong heart, and-”‎ ‎“Hark!” cried the first in fear, as a low sound was heard from somewhere nearby, Braggart, who was light and nimble, climbed up a tree like a squirrel(松鼠), leaving his friend, who was not so active, to face the danger alone! Quickwit could do nothing but throw himself on the ground and pretended(假装) to be dead; for he had heard that bears would never touch a dead body. In no time the bear camp up to him, sniffed(用鼻子吸气) at him. Quickwit did not dare to move; and the bear, thinking him dead, went off into the wood again, leaving him quite unharmed!‎ When Braggart saw that the danger was over, he came down from the tree and tried to pass off the matter with a joke. “Well, my friend Quickwit,” he said, “what did the bear say to you when he put his mouth close to your ear?”‎ ‎“He told me,” replied Quickwit, “never again to trust a man who talks big like you!”‎ ‎37.The correct order of the following events is____.‎ a. Two men were going through a forest b. Quickwit threw himself on the ground.‎ c. Braggart climbed up a tree like a squirrel.‎ d. A low sound was heard from somewhere nearby.‎ A. a,b,dc B. a,d,c,b C. d,a,c,b ‎38.The underlined word “nimble” is closest in meaning to “____”.‎ A. nervous B. crazy C. active ‎ ‎39.The bear left Quickwit because it ____.‎ A. was hit by Braggart B. felt pity for him C. thought he was dead ‎40.We can learn from the passage that ____.‎ A. a true friend reaches for your hand [来源 B. a friend to all is a friend to none ‎ C. a good friend is a good listener ‎41.The best title for the passage would be ____.‎ A. A Fight Between Two Travelers ‎ B. The Travelers and the Bear ‎ C. A Kind-hearted Bear ‎【答案】‎ ‎37.B ‎38.C ‎39.C ‎40.A ‎41.B ‎【考点定位】 考查故事类短文阅读。‎ B ‎ Visiting London? Start planning your trip right here. This guide tells you the must-see events that take place in London throughout the year.‎ 1. Change the Guard at Buckingham Palace 2. British Summer Time Music Festival ‎ Changing the Guard or Guard Mounting includes an exchange of guard duties(换岗) at Buckingham Palace. Watch the ceremony as each set of guards dressed in traditional coats and hats takes over from their brothers-in-arms.‎ Address: Buckingham Palace, London SWIA1AA ‎ The Barclaycard British Summer Time Music Festival take place every year in Central London’s Hyde Park. The week-long event covers many musical tastes, from pop to rock to dance. The acts so far confirmed(确认) for 2015 include Taylor Swift, The Who, Paul Weller, Ellie Goulding, Kaiser Chiefs and John Newman.‎ Public Transport: Green Park Tube Station Opening Hours: 11.30 am daily at Buckingham‎ ‎Palace, 11.00 am(10.00 am on Sundays) daily at Horse Guards Parade.‎ Tickets: Free to enter Internet:www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/event-8725947-changing-the guard Address: Hyde Park, London, W2 2UH Public Transport: Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner, or Green Park Opening Hours: 26-27 June 2015‎ Internet:www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/whats-on/music/music-festival ‎ 1. Totally Thames Festival 2. NFL American Football ‎ In September, London’s Totally Thames Festival celebrates the city’s famous river over 30 days, spreading 42 miles, and more than 100 separate arts and cultural events. In 2014 the festival was filled with walks, tours, rowing-boat races, theatre, cinema, the many other exciting ways to enjoy London, all taking place on or next to the River Thames.‎ Address: Different locations along the river Opening Hours: Throughout September Internet: totallythames.org ‎ London’s Wembley Stadium, seating 90,000, will host three games in the NFL International Series. In 2015 the teams that will be visiting London from the USA include the Buffalo Bills, the Jacksoville Jaguars, the Detroit Lions, the Kansas City Chiefs, the New Yorks Jets an the Miami Dolphins.‎ Address: Wembley Stadium, Empire Way, Wembley, London, HA9 OWS Public Transport: Wembley Park Opening Hours: 4 Oct, 25 Oct and 1 Nov 2015‎ Internet:www.visitlondon.com/tag/nfl-london ‎42.You can enjoy the ceremony of Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace at ____.‎ A. 11.30 am every day B. 11.00 am every day C. 10.00 am on Sundays ‎ ‎43.In the late June, a music fan would probably go to London to watch ____.‎ A. British Summer Time Music Festival ‎ B. London’s Totally Thames Festival ‎ C. NFL American Football[来源:学_科_网]‎ ‎44.The opening hours for Totally Thames Festival is ____ NFL American Football.‎ A. as long as B. longer than C. shorter than ‎ ‎45.The 2015 NFL American Football will be held in ____.‎ A. Hyde B. Wembley Park C. Wembley Stadium ‎ ‎46.The passage is probably taken from a ____.‎ A. diary B. geography book C. guidebook ‎【答案】‎ ‎42.A ‎43.A ‎44.B ‎45.C ‎46.C ‎【考点定位】 考查广告类短文阅读。‎ C n ‎ Go Green Enjoy tap water n IT’S THE RESPNSIBLE CHOICE Ø Producing plastic bottles and transporting water require a lot of energy and resources(资源)…just to land in the waste! ‎ ‎(2) IT SAVES MONEY Ø Bottled water costs money. Tap water is free for you!‎ n ‎ Go Green Eat responsibly ‎49. (1) ‎ Ø Shorter distance(距离) requires less transport fuels(燃料)…and less chemicals needed to keep food fresh. ‎ (1) EAT LESS MEAT Ø Meat production needs a lot of resources.‎ (2) AVOID PACKING Ø Packaging requires energy and resources just to end up in the waste…‎ n Go Green Keep it on the screen ‎…and if printing cannot be avoided remember to:‎ Ø PRINT DOUBLE-SIDED and in black-white.‎ Ø Set the printer/copy machine to ENERGY SAVING model when done Ø REUSE single-sided printed paper for internal documents(内部文件) or as not paper…[来源:Z*xx*k.Com]‎ n Go Green E-communicate Ø Reduce what gives out quite a lot of Greenhouse Gas(温室效应气体):instead of traveling, make use of VIDEO MEETING, WEB MEETING, and the good old phone. ‎ ‎ For more information visit www.greeningtheblue.org.‎ ‎47.The purpose of the passage is to give advice on how to ____.‎ A. protect the environment B. cancel traveling C. avoid printing ‎48.____ save money for you.‎ A. Producing plastic bottles B. Using bottled water C. Using tap water ‎49.The missing part in Go Green Eat responsibly is ____. .‎ A. CHOOSE GREEN FOOD B. KEEP FOOD FRESH C. SUPPORT LOCAL ‎50.It is suggested that____ printed paper should be reused for taking notes.‎ A. doubled-sided B. single-sided C. colored ‎51.You can get more information about “Go Green” by ____.‎ A. visiting the website given B. making a phone call C. having a meeting ‎【答案】‎ ‎47.A ‎48.C ‎49.C ‎50.B ‎51.A ‎【考点定位】 考查环保类短文阅读。‎ D Peking Opera(Beijing Opera), is one of the most ancient forms of drama in the world. The roles in it were Sheng,‎ ‎ Dan, Jing, Mo, Chou, Wuhang, and Longtao during its early age. But with the development of Peking Opera, there are four main roles in it today: Sheng, Dan, Jing and Chou.‎ Sheng——Men Roles Sheng are the men roles in Peking Opera, which can be divided into Laosheng, Wusheng, Xiaosheng and Wawasheng.‎ Laosheng are middle-aged or older men who are decisive and honest. Hongsheng, a type(种类) of Laosheng, have a red face. There are only two roles knowns as Hongsheng. One is Guan Gong and the other is Zhao Kuangyin. Wusheng are young generals skilled in martial arts(武术). Xiaosheng are clean-shaven(没有胡须的) and handsome. Wawasheng are children’s parts.‎ Dan——women Roles ‎ Dan are women roles that can be divided into different types—— Laodan, Qingyi, Huadan, Wudan and Caidan.‎ ‎ Laodan play old and clever women. Qingyi are the main women roles. Huashan, a type of Qingyi, was created by Mei Lanfang, who played an important role in shaping Peking Opera. Huadan are lively and unmarried women roles. Wudan characters are woman skilled in martial arts. Caidan are clowns(小丑) in funny plays and comedies.‎ Jing——Painted Face Men Roles ‎ A Jing role is an important man character with striking(吸引人的) looks and high social position. There main types of Jing are Tongchui, good at singing and usually a general; Jiazi, good at acting with less singing; and Wujing, a martial arts and acrobatics(杂技) role.‎ Chou——ComedyRoles ‎ Chou are comedy roles in Peking Opera. There are Wenchou who speak, act and sing, and Wuchou who both speak and fight. What makes this type of painted face role special is a small patch(块) of white chalk around the nose. One of the famous roles is the Monkey King, who has a special position in the hearts of all who are interested in Chinese opera.‎ ‎52.The passage is mainly about____.‎ A. the roles in Peking Opera B. the development of plays C. different forms of dramas ‎ ‎53. ____ are both good at martial arts.‎ A. Wawasheng and wenchou B. Wusheng and Wudan C. Wuchou and Caidan[来源:]‎ ‎54. ____ belong to the same role type in Peking Opera.‎ A. Wujing and Huadan B. Tongchui and Jiazi C. Laosheng and Laodan ‎55.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? ‎ A. Mei Lanfang created a type of Qingyi—Hongsheng.‎ B. Zhao Kuangyin and Guan Gong are two roles know as Xiaosheng.‎ C. The Monkey King has a special position among Peking Opera fans.‎ ‎56. From the passage, we know Picture ____ is a Chou role.‎ A. B. C. ‎ ‎【答案】‎ ‎52.A ‎53.B ‎54.B ‎55.C ‎56.A ‎【考点定位】 考查文化类短文阅读。‎ E Tony and Jane give their opinions about keeping pet dogs.‎ ‎ Keeping pet dogs is a good idea, says Tony ‎ I think people should be allowed to keep pet dogs. There are lots of reasons for this.‎ ‎ First, dogs are really cute. It’s nice to pick them up and hold them in our arms, and it’s wonderful to see them growing up quickly.‎ ‎ Second, your dog might not be dangerous but by simply barking(吠)he can keep away a burglar(窃贼)who might think of entering your house.‎ ‎ Finally, we can also learn about life and death from dogs. Young people can learn how to care for others and how to respect(尊重)all living things by keeping a pet dog.‎ ‎ I think keeping pet dogs is something everyone can enjoy.‎ Keeping pet dogs is not a good idea, say Jane In my opinion, it is never a good idea to keep a pet dog.‎ ‎ Firstly, pet dogs creates a lot of mess. They leave fur(毛) and hair on the floor, on beds and on sofas, and they need to be washed daily.‎ ‎ Secondly, we should remember that not all dogs are friendly. Some dogs bark at people they do not know. A few dogs bark all night. This stops their neighbors from getting any sleep. A small number of pet dogs even bite(咬) people.‎ ‎ Lastly, you have to make sure pet dogs are in good health and provided with good pet products. Paying for dog food and visiting the vet when dogs are ill can be expensive.‎ ‎ I believe that people should not keep pet dogs.‎ ‎57.Tony would probably think it____ to put pet dogs on beds.‎ A. uncomfortable B. acceptable C. dangerous ‎58.The underlined word “they” in the passage refers to(指) “ ____”.[来源:.Com]‎ A. beds B. sofas C. pet dogs ‎59.From the underlined part, we can guess “vet” means“ ____”.‎ A. 兽医 B. 宠物店 C. 驯兽师 ‎60.Tony and Jane disagree on ____.‎ A. the growth of pets B. the sound made by dogs C. the money paid for pets ‎61. It can be learned from the passage that ____.‎ A. people are not allowed to keep pet dogs ‎ B. people are encouraged to keep pet dogs ‎ C. opinions are divided on keeping pet dogs ‎【答案】‎ ‎57.B[来源:学#科#网]‎ ‎58.C ‎59.A ‎60.A ‎61.C ‎【考点定位】 考查生活类短文阅读。‎ 第二部分 ( 非选泽题 )‎ ‎(四)情景交际运用(共15分)‎ VIII. 根据对话情景,填入适当的单词(每空一词,每词一分,共5分) ‎ A: Excuse me. Could you help me?‎ B: 66. . What can I do for you?‎ A: Well, I’d like to exchange this CD.‎ B: What’s wrong67. It?‎ A: My grandson gave it to me as a birthday 68. . It’s his favorite music… but it’s too 69. for me. I want something quieter.‎ B: I’m really sorry, but there are no exchange on CDs after they’ve been 70. .‎ ‎【答案】‎ ‎66.sure ‎67.with ‎68.gift ‎69.noisy ‎70.opened ‎【考点定位】 考查情境交际。‎ IX. 根据情景提示,用适当的短语或句子填空。 (每空2分,共10分)‎ ‎71.你找不到自己的书包,可以这样问:‎ ‎_____________________________________________________?‎ ‎72.你想知道Lisa 上周末做什么,可以这样问:‎ ‎_______________________ ____________________,Lisa?‎ ‎73.你想知道附近是否有超市,可以这样问:‎ ‎______________________ a supermarket ____________________?‎ ‎74.你告诉你的朋友你以前个子不高,可以这样说:‎ ‎_________________________________________________short.‎ ‎75.你想知道同学们春游的感受,可以这样问:‎ ‎_ school trip?‎ ‎【答案】‎ ‎71.Where is my schoolbag ‎72.What did you do last weekend ‎73.Is there…near here ‎74.I used to be ‎75.How was your 前加be。故填:I used to be ‎75.How was your 问春游的感受,用一般过去时态,问感受:How提问,故填:How was your ‎【考点定位】 考查翻译能力。‎ ‎(五)写作(共25分)‎ XI.段落编写(本题10分)‎ 使用所给的词语,编写一个意义相对完整的语段。‎ 提示词:dictionary, study, when, helpful, English 要求:1. 使用全部提示词,并在语段中用下划线 “ ”标出提示词 ‎2. 语段具有一个相对合理的主题意义 ‎3. 词数:50- 80‎ ‎__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________‎ ‎【答案】‎ I found English very difficult when I began to study it. My English teacher asked me to buy an English dictionary. When I don’t know a word or how to use a word or phrase, I look them up in the dictionary. I found it very useful. It is like a good teacher for me to study English. With its help, I am more and more interested in English and my grade is becoming better and better. ‎ ‎【考点定位】 考查小作文。‎ XI.短文写作。(本题15分)‎ 假设你是思考,你的美国笔友Lucy来信想了解曹冲称象的故事。请根据如下图片及要点提示用英语写一封80词以上的回信给她。‎ 内容要点:1.回信目的 ‎ 2.故事简介 ‎ 3.故事给你的启示 注意:1.信中不允许出现与考生本人相关的真实姓名和校名等信息。‎ ‎ 2. 信的开头已给出,不计入总次数。‎ ‎ 3. 参考词汇:scale n.称; calculate v.计算 Dear Lucy, ‎ I learn from your letter that… ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎【答案】‎ Dear Lucy, ‎ I learn from your letter that you are very interested in the story of Cao Chong weighed the elephant. Let me tell you:‎ Once somebody sent Cao Chong's father, Cao Cao ,an elephant and he wanted to know its weight, but there was nothing big enough to weigh it.Cao Chong told his father he could weigh the elephant if he had a big boat and a lot of heavy stones.Cao Cao was very surprised, but he still ordered his men to get everything ready.When they led the elephant down into the boat,the water came up,then Cao Chong marked the water line.Then they drove the elephant onto the bank and put the heavy stones in the boat until the water came up to the same line.At last, Cao ‎ Chong told the men to weigh the stones.In this way, he weighed the elephant.‎ I think Cao Chong is very clever. If we think hard before doing things, we can do them better.‎ Yours Thought ‎【考点定位】 考查看图作文。‎