2017届高考英语(外研版)一轮教师文档讲义:必修2-Module 4 Fine Arts

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2017届高考英语(外研版)一轮教师文档讲义:必修2-Module 4 Fine Arts

‎[话题素材]‎ 好词 ‎1.inspiration n. 灵感;启发 ‎2.achievement n. 成就 ‎3.represent v. 象征;体现 ‎4.attractive adj. 有吸引力的 ‎5.appreciate v. 欣赏;感激 ‎6.be interested in 对……感兴趣 ‎7.be typical of 是……的典型 ‎8.take up 从事,拿起 ‎9.be of great value 很有价值 ‎10.appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力 ‎11.on exhibition 在展览中 ‎12.come alive 生动起来 ‎13.stand for 代表 ‎14.be well received 广受好评 ‎15.be adapted for sth. 被改编/改写 佳句 ‎1.I_would_appreciate_it if you could attend my party.‎ 如果你能出席我的晚会我将不胜感激。‎ ‎2.Of_all_the_things that make me happy, singing is what I like to do best.‎ 在所有让我快乐的事中,唱歌是我最喜欢做的一件事。‎ ‎3.Through_these_websites,_I can read some classic English articles, poems and stories.‎ 通过这些网站,我可以读一些经典的英语文章、诗歌和故事。,[精美语篇]‎ The Role of Art in My Life Art plays a very important role in my life, which makes my life more colorful.‎ At the age of six, I started learning to paint from my art teacher. My art teacher often showed me famous paintings by great painters such as Picasso and Xu Beihong. I learned a lot from them and dreamed of being a painter like them some day. Artists always express their ideas and thoughts by painting. When I look at those paintings, I can understand more about the reality of our life. Besides, whenever I take up the painting brush, I feel more energetic.‎ I love art and my life would become incomplete if there weren't art.‎ ‎ 高频单词 ‎1.scene (n.) 景色;风景 ‎2.style (n.) 风格 ‎3.alive (adj.) 有活力的;有生气的 ‎4.aspect (n.) 方面 ‎5.adopt (vt.) 采纳;采用;收养 ‎6.stand (vt.) 忍受 ‎7.artist (n.) 艺术家→art (n.) 艺术 ‎8.delightful (adj.) 令人愉快的;可爱的→delight (n.) 愉快;高兴→delighted (adj.) 高兴的 ‎9.paint (vt.) 绘画;(用颜料)画→painter (n.) 画家→painting (n.) 绘画;油画 ‎10.traditional (adj.) 传统的;习俗的→traditionally (adv.) 传统上地→tradition (n.) 传统 ‎11.observe (vt.) 观察;注意到→observation (n.) 观察 ‎12.exhibition (n.) 展览→exhibit (vt.) 展览 ‎13.expression (n.) 表现;表达→express (vt.) 表达 ‎14.realise (vt.) 领悟;了解;实现;实行→realistic (adj.) 现实主义的;写实主义的→reality (n.) 现实 ‎15.destroy (vt.) 破坏;毁坏→destruction (n.) 破坏;毁坏 ‎ 重点短语 ‎1.be/get_tired_of       对……厌烦 ‎2.be crazy about 迷恋 ‎3.put_off 推迟;延期 ‎4.give_up 放弃 ‎5.take_turns 轮流 ‎6.be_known/famous_for 因……而闻名 ‎7.be fond of 喜欢;喜爱 ‎8.develop an interest in 对……产生兴趣 ‎9.tell_by 从……可以识别出 ‎10.a series of 一系列的 ‎ 热点句型 ‎1.过去分词短语作后置定语 This is a painting by the Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, considered_to_be the greatest western artist of the twentieth century.(教材P33)‎ 这是一幅西班牙艺术家巴勃罗·毕加索的画,他被认为是20世纪西方最伟大的画家。‎ ‎2.“with+宾语+宾补”构成with复合结构在句中通常作状语,有时也可以作定语 Cubist artists painted objects and people, with_different_aspects_of_the_object_or_person_showing at the same time.(教材P33)‎ 立体主义艺术家用反映同一时间的人或物的不同侧面来画人和物。‎ ‎3.“most+形容词或副词”结构前不加定冠词时,不表示最高级概念,而是表示“很、非常”的含义 He is most_famous for his lively paintings of horses.(教材P33)‎ 他以画生动的马而著称。‎ ‎4.where引导的定语从句 From 1902 to 1904 he painted a series of pictures where the main colour was blue.(教材P39)‎ 从1902到1904年,他画了主色调是蓝色的一系列的画。‎ ‎5.What do you make_of (it)?(教材P38)‎ 你认为(它)怎么样?‎ ‎ 教材复现 在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。‎ ‎1.This painting ________ contemporary American artist Roy Lichtenstein is a world famous example of pop art.‎ 答案:by ‎2.Qi Baishi observed the world of nature very carefully, and his paintings are special because ________ this.‎ 答案:of ‎3.I think he's an ________ (ordinary) artist.‎ 答案:extraordinary ‎4.There's an exhibition ________ means there's an exhibition happening at the moment.‎ 答案:on ‎5.People generally agree that Pablo Picasso, ________ lived from 1881 to 1973, is the twentiethcentury's greatest western artist.‎ 答案:who ‎6.He had his first exhibition ________ the age of 16.‎ 答案:at ‎7.Picasso studied art in Spain, but moved to France, in his early ________ (twenty).‎ 答案:twenties ‎8.From 1904 to 1906 Picasso painted much ________ (happy) pictures in the colour pink.‎ 答案:happier ‎9.Guernica is the name of a town that was ________ (destroy) during the 1930s war in Spain.‎ 答案:destroyed ‎10.In this painting, Picasso showed his feelings about ________ had happened to the town.‎ 答案:what ‎1  adopt vt.采纳;采用;收养;领养 Art movement means a style of painting adopted by a group of artists.(P32)‎ 艺术运动指的是一些美术家共同采纳的一种绘画风格。‎ ‎-关键一点-‎ ‎(1)adopt的形近词为adapt, adapt表示“适应,改编,改造”。‎ ‎(2)adopt的名词是adoption; adapt的名词是adaptation。‎ ‎①The young couple had no children of their own and adopted an orphan. After a few months, the orphan came to adapt to his new life.‎ 这对年轻夫妇没有自己的孩子,领养了一名孤儿。几个月过后这个孤儿渐渐适应了他的新生活。‎ ‎②[2013·课标全国卷Ⅰ]We were asked to “adopt a disability”for several hours one Sunday.‎ 在一个星期天,我们被要求“接受残疾”几个小时(以了解残疾人)。‎ ‎③[人教⑥-1]During the Renaissance, people began to concentrate less on religious themes and adopt a more humanistic attitude to life.‎ 在文艺复兴时期,人们开始较少的关注宗教主题,而且对生活采取了一种更为人文的态度。‎ ‎④Environmentalists urged that more effective measures be_adopted by the government to reduce the pollution.‎ 环保主义者要求政府采取更有效的措施去降低污染。‎ ‎2  observe vt. 观察;注意到;评论;遵守;庆祝 Qi Baishi observed the world of nature very carefully, and his paintings are special because of this.(P33)‎ 齐白石观察自然界很细心,他的画也因此而很特别。‎ ‎(1)observe Christmas/New Year's Day 庆祝圣诞/劳动节 ‎(2)observe a rule/the law 遵守法律/法则 ‎(3)observe sb. doing 观察(到)某人在做某事(强调动作正在进行)‎ observe sb. do 观察(到)某人做(过)……‎ observe+that 从句 观察到/注意到……‎ ‎①[2013·江苏高考]Failure to observe all Park rules could result in being driven out of the Park without refund.‎ 未能遵守所有公园规则的人可能会被赶出公园并不会得到退款。‎ ‎②[人教④-1]Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp behaviour. She spent years observing and recording their daily activities.‎ 珍妮之前没有人能完全理解大猩猩的行为。她花了数年时间观察并记录他们的日常活动。‎ ‎③[现代英语用法词典]The accused man was_observed_to enter the bank.‎ 被指控者被看到进了银行。‎ ‎④[朗文词典]He spent two nights under close observation in hospital.‎ 他在医院接受了两个晚上的密切观察。‎ ‎-名师点睛-‎ observe sb. do sth.结构如果改成被动语态,应补上省略的to,即sb. be observed to do sth.。‎ 一言串记 When we observe festivals, we must observe the traffic regulations. If we observe someone run a red light, we should stop him.‎ 当我们庆祝节日的时候必须遵守交通规则。如果我们看到有人闯红灯,我们应该阻止他。‎ 知识链接 observe表示“观察”时,经常用于“observe+宾语+宾语补足语”的形式。你还能记起一些与observe有类似用法的动词吗?‎ see, hear, notice, watch, feel, have, let, make, find等。‎ ‎3  stand v.忍受;站立;坐落;承担 n.看台;摊子;立场 But I can't stand that picture of a goldenhaired girl.(P33)‎ 但是我无法忍受那张金发女郎的画。‎ ‎(1)can't stand sth./(sb.) doing sth.‎ 不能忍受某事/(某人)做某事 ‎(2)stand by 袖手旁观 stand for 代表;象征 stand out 显眼;突出 忍受/容忍某事 ‎①[2013·山东高考改编]The room is empty except for a bookshelf standing in the corner.‎ 除了墙角处有座书架外,这间屋子几乎是空的。‎ ‎②[2014·大纲全国卷]As an old saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” So real friendship should be able to stand all sorts of tests.‎ 俗话说“患难见真情”,所以真正的友谊应该能经受得起各种考验。‎ ‎③He could not stand living in a wooden house.‎ 他无法忍受住在木头房子里。‎ ‎④He can't stand being_kept waiting.‎ 让他等着,他可不干。‎ ‎⑤[2013·湖南高考]Dorothy stands_out in my memory as one who “bloomed” in her remote area.‎ 多萝西在我印象中很突出,她是一位在偏远地区活得很精彩的人。‎ ‎⑥[2014·北京高考]写出句子中黑体词组的意思。‎ This was a fight I had to win: I was all that stood between the bear and my family, who would stand little chance of running faster than a brown bear.‎ 没有什么希望 ‎4  alive adj.有活力的;有生气的;活着的 I love that picture of the six horses. They look so alive.(P33)‎ 我喜欢六马图,它们看起来栩栩如生。‎ ‎-名师点睛-‎ alive可作表语、补语或后置定语,无比较级和最高级。‎ ‎①[2015·北京高考]He knew better than anyone how hard Nicholas had to work to stay alive.‎ 他比任何人都更加清楚Nicholas想要活下来需做出多么大的努力。‎ ‎②[2013·浙江高考]I wanted to make literature come_alive and to promote a love of the written word.‎ 我想让文学变得生动起来,以增强(学生)对书面文字的热爱。‎ ‎③[牛津高阶]He was buried_alive in the earthquake.‎ 地震把他活埋了。‎ 易混辨析 lively 既可作定语又可作宾语补足语,意为“生动活泼的,栩栩如生的”,既可指人也可指物 a lively girl 一个活泼的姑娘 ‎[2013·陕西高考]A little rabbit amuses us by its playful and lively runs.‎ 小兔子滑稽活泼的跑动把我们逗乐了。‎ alive 通常作表语或后置定语,不能作前置定语,意思是“有活力的;有生命的,活的,还喘气的(强调还活着,没死,与dead相对)”‎ ‎[2013·辽宁高考]Biking made me feel alive.‎ 骑车使我充满活力。‎ 续表 living 既可作表语又可作前置定语,意为“活的,健在的,现行的,现代的(强调健在)”‎ All the living presidents attended Nixon's funeral.‎ 所有健在的总统都参加了尼克松的葬礼。‎ live 作形容词时多作定语修饰物,指真的、活生生的(只能指动物),而不是照片或图画等描绘的情景。live还有“现场直播的(地)”之意 a live fish 一条活鱼 ‎[2014·北京高考]Last night, there were millions of people watching the opening ceremony live on TV.‎ 昨天晚上,数百万人在电视上观看了开幕式的直播。‎ ‎-特别提示-‎ alive可用于修饰人或物,作表语、后置定语或宾语补足语,但不可作前置定语。其他表语形容词还有afraid, alone, awake, asleep, aware, ill等。‎ ‎④选词填空(lively/alive/living/live)‎ a.The professor has his own way of making his class ________ and interesting.‎ b.The concert was broadcast ________ on BBC.‎ c.Whether there are ________ creatures in the outer space as those on Earth hasn't been proved until now.‎ d.They kept her ________ on a life support machine.‎ 答案:a.lively b.live c.living d.alive 过关演练 在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式 ‎1.I can't stand ________ (stare) like that.‎ 答案:being stared 句意:我不能忍受像那样一直被盯着看。‎ ‎2.[2014·湖北高考]The Public Square is an eye-catching sight of the city. ________ stand many stone sculptures of famous historical figures.‎ 答案:There 句意:大众广场是这个城市引人注目的景点,许多历史名人的石雕像矗立在那儿。there stand, there lie, there exist等是there be句型的特殊变型。‎ ‎3.[2014·北京高考]________(observe) carefully if any change occurs when doing experiments in the lab.‎ 答案:Observe'考查祈使句的用法。when引导的从句前面必须是一个句子,可以认为observe前是省略了主语you。‎ ‎4.[2014·广东高考]You know, I specialize in zoology, and I'm a good ________ (observe).‎ 答案:observer 句意:你知道,我专攻动物学,我是一名很好的观察者。‎ ‎5.[2014·北京高考]She had just been ________ (adopt) by a family in town who decided that the best way for her to learn American ways of life was to be with American kids.‎ 答案:adopted 句意:她被城里的一个家庭收养,这家人认为对她来说了解美国生活方式最好的办法就是和美国孩子在一起。‎ ‎6.[2015·陕西高考]Six volunteers slid down the cliff with the help of a rope but gave up all ‎ hope of finding her ________ (live) after a 90minute search.‎ 答案:alive find sb. alive“发现某人活着”,alive 作宾语补足语。‎ ‎7.The scenery was beautiful ________ expression.‎ 答案:beyond  考查短语beyond expression 意思是“无法描述;描述不了”。‎ ‎8.This activity is aimed ________ improving the students' ability of listening and speaking.‎ 答案:at 句意:这项活动的目的是提高学生的听说能力。be aimed at (doing) sth. “旨在……”。‎ ‎9.[2014·天津高考改编]She is a kind-hearted lady with a positive attitude towards life because she takes ________ (delightful) in helping others.‎ 答案:delight 句意:她是一个热心善良、积极面对人生的女士,因为她乐于助人。take delight in “以(做某事)为乐”。‎ ‎10.Some of the children's paintings are now ________ exhibition at the school.‎ 答案:on on exhibition为固定搭配,意为“展出”。‎ ‎1  put off 推迟;延期 She put off visiting the art gallery next week.(P35)‎ 她将参观美术馆推迟到下周。‎ put aside 把某物放到一边;储蓄;储存;不顾 put back 放回;拨回 put down 写下;记下 (write down)‎ put on 上演;穿上;戴上 put in 添加;安装 put out 熄灭;扑灭;生产;制造 put up 提升;建造;张贴;投宿;为某人提供住宿;暂住 put up with 忍受;忍耐 put forward 提出 put away 把……收好;放好 ‎①[2013·浙江高考]Never put_off until tomorrow what you can do today.‎ 不能把今天能做的事推迟到明天。‎ ‎②[2015·课标全国卷Ⅱ]This year, 25,310 students who have accepted places in higher education institutions have put_off their entry until next year.‎ 今年,25310个已被高等教育机构录取的学生已把入学报名推迟到了明年。‎ ‎③[2013·课标全国卷Ⅰ改编]At the last moment, Tom decided to put_in a new character to make the story seem more likely.‎ 最后一刻,Tom决定添加一个新角色来使故事更合理。‎ ‎④[人教⑤-1]Who put_forward a theory about black holes?‎ 谁提出了黑洞理论?‎ ‎⑤[译林①-3]He's put_on a lot of weight.‎ 他的体重增加了很多。‎ ‎⑥[外研①-4]They've put_up a lot of high-rise buildings recently.‎ 最近他们盖起了许多高楼大厦。‎ ‎2  take turns 轮流 Take turns to ask your questions.(P37)‎ 轮流提问题。‎ 轮流做某事 in turn 轮流,依次;反而 it's one's turn (to do sth.) 轮到某人(做某事) ‎ ‎①[北师大③-8]The customer praised the manager, who in_turn,_praised his staff.‎ 顾客表扬了经理,经理转而表扬了员工。‎ ‎②People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars, and in_turn this creates further problems.‎ 人们试图开自己的车避免公共交通延误,这反过来又引起了新的问题。‎ ‎③If friends can take_turns_to listen to each other well, life will be better.‎ 如果朋友们之间能轮流做好听众,生活就会更美好。‎ ‎④[朗文词典]I think it's_our_turn to drive the kids to school this week.‎ 我想这周该轮到我们开车送孩子们上学了。‎ ‎⑤[现代英语用法词典]He went hot and cold by_turns.‎ 他一阵冷一阵热。‎ 过关演练 aim at; at its best; become famous for; get tired of; take turns; put off; a series of; develop interest in ‎ ‎1.[2014·重庆高考]She would push my dirty clothing over, and I would lay my books on her tidy desk. We both ________ each other.‎ 答案:got tired of ‎2.[2013·湖北高考]Perri and Sheila ________ exploring the joys and pains, the love and bitterness.‎ 答案:take turns ‎3.The football match was ________ because of the heavy rain.‎ 答案:put off ‎4.There was ________ car accidents at the crossing this morning.‎ 答案:a series of ‎5.His music career was ______________ in his thirties.‎ 答案:at its best ‎6.[2014·北京高考改编]A brand store has ________ its distinctive scent which floats through the fairly dark hall and out to the entrance, via scent machines.‎ 答案:become famous for ‎7.[2014·陕西高考,书面表达]The purpose of the programme is to ________ our ________ English learning and practical abilities in listening and speaking.‎ 答案:develop; interest in ‎8.[2014·辽宁高考]In another experiment ________ testing longterm memory, students took notes as before but were tested a week after the lecture.‎ 答案:aimed at ‎1  What do you make_of_(it)?(P38)‎ 你认为它怎么样?‎ ‎(1)表示“认为……怎么样”?还可以用下列表达法:‎ How do you find/like...?‎ What do you think of...?‎ What's your opinion of...?‎ ‎(2)make the best/most of 充分利用 make it (口语) 做成;成功;到达 ‎①[朗文词典]What do you make of the idea?‎ 你对这个主意有什么看法?‎ ‎②[牛津高阶]I can't make anything of this note.‎ 我根本不懂这短信的意思。‎ 过关演练 英译汉 ‎1.What do you make of the plan?‎ ‎________________________________________________________‎ 答案:你认为这个计划怎么样?‎ ‎2.How do you like the weather today?‎ ‎________________________________________________________‎ 答案:你认为今天天气如何?‎ ‎3.We should make the best/most of this valuable opportunity.‎ ‎________________________________________________________‎ 答案:我们应充分利用这宝贵的机会。‎ ‎4.No matter how hard it is, I'll make it one day.‎ ‎________________________________________________________________________‎ 答案:无论多么艰难,总有一天我会成功的。‎ ‎5.What do you think of the concert yesterday?‎ ‎________________________________________________________‎ 答案:你觉得昨天的音乐会怎么样?‎ 动名词和不定式 v.ing形式在句中可以作主语或宾语,该动词起名词作用,称之为动名词。常跟动名词作宾语的动词有:consider, suggest/advise, admit, put off, avoid, miss, practice, finish等。‎ ‎1.[2015·课标全国卷Ⅱ]After ________ (look) at the toy for some time, he turned around and found that his parents were missing.‎ 答案:looking 常跟不定式作宾语的动词有:decide, learn, want, expect, hope, refuse, manage, pretend, plan, agree, help等。‎ 单句改错 ‎2.[2015·浙江高考]I enjoyed sit close to the windows and looking at the view.‎ ‎________________________________________________________‎ 答案:sit→sitting ‎3.[2015·四川高考]It's been a month since I came to this new school and I really want share with you some of the problems I have been experiencing.‎ ‎________________________________________________________‎ 答案:want后加to 动名词和不定式作宾语的区别 动名词作宾语表示一般倾向,不定式作宾语表示特定的或具体的某次行动,但在动词remember, forget, try, regret, mean, stop后,动名词和不定式则意义完全不同。‎ ‎4.[牛津词典]I forgot ________ (ask) him for his address.‎ 答案:to ask 过关演练 用括号内单词的正确形式填空 ‎1.[2015·安徽高考]________ (ignore) the difference between the two research findings will be one of the worst mistakes you make.‎ 答案:Ignoring ‎2.[2014·江西高考]When it comes to ________ (speak) in public, no one can match him.‎ 答案:speaking ‎3.My English teacher promised ________ (lend) some books to me.‎ 答案:to lend ‎4.We only missed ________ (see) each other by five minutes.‎ 答案:seeing ‎5.It is no use ________ (cry) over the spilt milk.‎ 答案:crying